Volcano Powered Geothermal Energy

We’ve all heard of solar powered and hydro powered but how about volcano powered? MIT scientists claim that 2 percent of the heat found roughly 6 miles under the ground can provide over 2500 times the current energy consumption on earth. Using Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) scientists believe that they can harness the heat generated […]

Team Red White and Blue: 100 Miles 100 Hours

Team Red White and Blue founder Mike Erwin has pledged to run 100 miles in 100 hours in an effort to raise $40,000 for his organization. The purpose of Red White and Blue is provide community sponsored triathlons and marathons at a discounted entry fee for the average veteran. The organization also helps veterans struggling […]

War Veteran Getting Ready For Triathlon and More

In an article published on NJ.com, a war veteran by the name of Thomas Lee, is preparing for a triathlon and a chance to be apart of the 2016 Paralympics national team. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Thomas decided he would re-enlist in the army to help his country. He was on patrol in Baghdad […]