Painting for Team Red, White and Blue

On February 16, 2014, over 35 citizens of Killeen, Texas gathered at Harker Heights’ Painting with a Twist for an event called Painting with a Purpose.  During events like these, which the shop has hosted monthly since its opening, people pay to participate in a painting class where an instructor provides art supplies and instructions for the duration of the class.  Participants are also encouraged to bring their own wine and hors d’oeuvres and to engage with each other socially.  After every monthly event, half of the proceeds are donated to a local nonprofit organization.

For this particular event, the recipient organization was a chapter of Team Red, White and Blue, a national nonprofit organization that helps veterans engage with their communities through physical activity and athletics.  The organization’s team members made up approximately half the class.  The team members loved the opportunity to socialize with other members in the community in addition to strengthening the friendships they had already made thanks to various Team RWB events.  The chapter says that the donations will be used to continue Team RWB’s veteran outreach efforts within the community.

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