Team Red White and Blue: 100 Miles 100 Hours

Charles EadieTeam Red White and Blue founder Mike Erwin has pledged to run 100 miles in 100 hours in an effort to raise $40,000 for his organization. The purpose of Red White and Blue is provide community sponsored triathlons and marathons at a discounted entry fee for the average veteran. The organization also helps veterans struggling psychologically by giving them a healthy outlet to invest their time. Currently Mike has completed 25 of his 100 miles at Chicago but still has Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C remaining.

This sort of organization is a great way for veterans to keep active. When in the army, members are required to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. After retiring, it is not uncommon for veterans to lose sight of their weight. By organizing community sponsored events such as a marathon, not only does it promote getting in shape but it also brings the veteran community together on a higher level. Red White and Blue also helps the veterans whom may have wanted to participate in an event by supplementing the cost of entry. These costs can sometimes be high which in turn deters entry. Hopefully, Mike Erwin’s selfless act will resonate in the community and prompt others to help the cause.