Team Red, White & Blue Hosts “Run As One”

Charles Eadie On Saturday, April 12, roughly 100 people in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and thousands of other people in approximately 100 cities nationwide participated in “Run As One,” community runs held each year to raise awareness about a cause. This year’s “Run As One” honored and remembered Clay Hunt, a Marine veteran who committed suicide after he returned from deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The local Team Red, White and Blue chapter participated in the run along with a similar organization that Hunt started, which takes veterans and community members to natural disaster sites to help with cleanup, called Team Rubicon.

In 2012, Brad Butler organized the local chapter of Team RWB, which is a national nonprofit organization that helps veterans engage with their communities through physical activity and athletics. Butler said Team RWB wanted to honor Hunt in someway because the organization works to prevent suicide among veterans by making sure they have a sense of family, community and belonging. There isn’t a fee to join Team RWB and there are not any requirements to stay an active member. People are simply asked to show up to events and socialize with members of the community.

When Butler hosted a “Run As One” event last year as one of the local chapter’s first events, only seven people attended. This year, the number was upwards of 100. The group had grown to 400 members, making it one of the fastest growing chapters in the country.

In addition to engaging current members and members, Butler wanted to show the rest of the Fort Walton Beach community that Team RWB exists and is always looking for new members. Butler hopes that the run caught the attention of any veterans passing by and would like them to consider joining Team RWB at their next event.

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