Team RWB

Charles EadieTeam Red White and Blue is a widespread veteran organization. The team is currently composed of approximately 19,000 members, which are apart of nearly 100 communities across the world. The organization adds about 400 members a week.

Team Red White and Blue’s chapters and communities offer consistent, local events for veterans and the community to come together through social and physical activity. The organization hosts weekly fitness activities, monthly social events, and is apart of local races and events in various communities.

Team Red White and Blue’s Veteran Ambassador Program welcomes new veterans to the team and guarantees that they will have the necessary information and resources to stay in touch with their local chapter in addition to the national community. Team Red White and Blue is a national movement to inspire veterans to remain active and to encourage others to follow as well.

Team Red White and Blue Veteran Athletic Camps are amazing opportunities for veterans to learn a new sport/activity that they can take home to their local chapter. Veterans are led and coached by established athletes and acclaimed experts and are built to enable veterans to commit to their own health and fitness.