Veteran Reflects on Lessons Learned Through Failure


Derek Blumke writes a great piece on learning through failure for the Hirepurpose Blog.  In the piece, Derek reflects on his overconfidence while applying for a fellowship.  He thought he was a shoe-in for the role given his background in the military and his involvement in co-founding Student Veterans of America.  Derek even had a friend on the board of directors.  Nonetheless, he did not get the fellowship.  As he reconsidered his preparation and competitiveness, he realized that his other plan–to attend a top business school (Harvard, NYU, Columbia)–was likely an unrealistic expectation at this point.

“Through those experiences, I re-evaluated myself and realized something — failure is the greatest educator. Through failure comes humility, and humility allows understanding and perspective. Without failure, you cannot fully understand yourself nor develop as a person. This experience provided a brutal dose of humility. As a result, my approach to business school applications is quite different today, as is my approach to the world and my openness to learning from others.”