Veterans and soldier learn about show business, make their own films

According to an article on Army Times, five army veterans got the chance to work with ABC to write, direct and produce their own films with the “Home for the Holidays” campaign, “an initiative that encourages supporting and hiring veterans.”

The films are available online in digital formats at around four to six minutes long featuring soldiers and veterans in different scenarios. One soldier, Rebecca Murga, has served two deployments overseas. Her digital short called “The Letter” was inspired by talking to different mothers who were also apart of her tour overseas. The film cast a young girl who asks Santa to bring her mother home from deployment as a Christmas gift.

The idea of the campaign came from Mary Jo Smith, creative director of comedy and alternative programming at ABC Entertainment Marketing. Mary said how thankful each veteran and current soldier was of the ability to work with ABC to produce a vision that they have. Mary insisted that she would accept their thanks, but she is truly thankful for all that they do each day for our country, so she and ABC were more than happy to such a minor thing to help show their support to the armed forces.

To help the veterans and current soldier make their films, ABC brought in professionals in the show business industry. One soldier worked with an executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and another work with the executive producer of Nashville.

The digital shorts are available here.