Volcano Powered Geothermal Energy

We’ve all heard of solar powered and hydro powered but how about volcano powered? MIT scientists claim that 2 percent of the heat found roughly 6 miles under the ground can provide over 2500 times the current energy consumption on earth. Using Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) scientists believe that they can harness the heat generated by a volcano. The process called hydro shearing includes funneling millions of gallons of water through a tunnel down deep into the earths surface where it hits hot rocks and proceeds to shoot back up to the surface as boiling water. The heat from the water can then be harnessed to supply energy.
Charles Eadie

The idea sounds revolutionary, as it opens up potential for once again another prominent source of renewable energy. The question becomes, what are the dangers involved with opening a channel to such a powerful heat source and also what are the implications that may arise from tampering with a volcano. When dealing with such power, extreme caution must be exercised before moving forward. The project will be tested at a dormant volcano in Oregon with results to follow soon after.

What are your thoughts on this blog? Let me know if you have any new information on the project or have thoughts in general on (EGS) as a form of renewable energy.