War Veteran Getting Ready For Triathlon and More

Charles EadieIn an article published on NJ.com, a war veteran by the name of Thomas Lee, is preparing for a triathlon and a chance to be apart of the 2016 Paralympics national team. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Thomas decided he would re-enlist in the army to help his country. He was on patrol in Baghdad when he and his patrol were fired on. They decided to move their location because children were nearing them who were walking to school. Upon shifting location they came in contact with an buried explosive device on the side of the road. The explosion unfortunately cost two American soldiers there lives and Thomas lost his limb from the knee down. He had to adjust to a life of having an artificial leg in order to get back to the physical lifestyle that he once had.

He is now currently preparing for triathlon events after being encouraged by close friends and family. He says he, “enjoys the camaraderie he has found with others in the events, but he is also a competitor.” As he continues, he would like to take on iron man events and even try and get himself on the National Paralympic team, his number one goal. It might be a long shot for him to make the team, but it something he continues to strive for. It is a goal that keeps him determined and diligent in his quest.

Apart from training, Thomas Lee has connected with Team Red, White and Blue. He said the organization gives him a sense community in that he can now have a better connection with other veterans and those around him in the community. “There’s a lot of vets out there who aren’t getting the care they need or deserve. From the VA to organizations like Team RWB, there’s people who want to help.”